At this juncture Naresh was at cross roads. He was getting offers as hero and as character actor. A careful study of the market revealed the fact that teenage themes were in vogue and a wise decision was taken to go forward as a character actor. A press release was made and it paid.

Top director B.GOPAL launched him as character actor opposite HEROINE NAGMA in the hit film ALLARI RAMUDU starring N.T.R.jr and produced by ADDALA CHANTI on his banner friendly movies and the 2nd innings took off.

DHANALAKHSMI I LOVE YOU, a remake of the hindi super hit film HERA PHERI, in which he played the role Baburao Batasingaram, (an eccentric alcoholic) played by PARESH RAWAL in the hindi version to perfection, re-established him as an actor par on excellence Characters in films like MALLESHWARI starring VICTORY VENKATESH and KATRINA KAIF, DR RAMA NAIDUS MADHU MASAM directed by ace director CHANDRA SIDHRARTH, GAURI and other films stabilized his career.

It was MEE SREYOBHILASHI directed by Eswar Reddy and produced by C.C. REDDY in which he played the role of a frustrated film producer who wants to commit suicide, brought him back to limelight. The histrionics displayed, the getup and the body language amazed the audience and the industry so much that his arch rival , friend and co-star in the film, RAJENDRAPRASAD complimented him saying that this year’s NANDI AWARD(the state government award) will go to him. The veteran actor late Sri.GUMMADI VENKATESWARAO broke down on the phone when the state government award was committed to another actor by strong influence, for which NARESH thanked him and said that his(GUMMADI’S) words and tears were the real awards.

ANDHARI BANDHUVAYYA(2006) directed by CHANDRA SIDHARTH in which he played a pivotal role and shared the title with the hero SHARVAND, won accolades for him . He lived the role of a farmer and a social activist who dedicates his life for his village and a son not born to him. There was hue and cry industry when the state award was given to someone else on sympathy grounds. Naresh reacted by saying, “AWARDS PRADHANAM CHEYALI DHANAM CHEYYARADHU”. (Awards should be presented not thrown into begging bowl)

RAGHUPATHI VENKIAH NAIDU - the film (2013) is a biographical film about the life of man who lived and breathed films in the BRITISH era around 1900 and came to be known as the father of the south Indian film industry. The prestigious RAGHUPATHI VENKIAH LIFE TIME ACHIEVMENT AWARD is awarded on his name by the state every year for film personalities.

The film produced by MANDAVA SATISH on the banner of yellow line pictures and directed by BABJI, is a brainchild of Naresh who was inspired by the statuette awarded to his mother(RAGHPATHI VENKIAH AWARD WINNER). He also worked extensively on the script of this feature film which is aimed at international film festivals and THE INDIAN PANORAMA.

His other notable films in the second innings are 100% LOVE with Nagachaithanya as hero (directed by sukumar) MOGUDU(director:KRISHNA VAMSHI, hero: GOPICHAND) etc.