Politics beckons naresh

It was at this time that his attention turned towards politics. The nation was facing a crisis. Elections after elections pounded the nation. He found a great leader in ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE. He extended support to THE B.J.P(BHARATHIYA JANATHA PARTY) and joined the party. He rose in the ranks of the party, but on the other side his rivals in films launched a vicious campaign successfully, that he had quit films for politics.

It was at this time he got deeper in organizational and grass root politics and the 1st innings of a great film career came to a grinding halt.

At the end of the first innings he had acted in about 80 films. He could have easily completed the hundredth film mark, but he was not in for the number game. When his co-stars were signing 14 to 15 films per year and doing 2 or 3 shifts a day, he never exceeded 8 films a year and signed one film at a time, as he always of the opinion that quality rules over quantity.

He was rising in the ranks of B.J.P. His passion for politics was bordering the lines of obsession, at the cost of sidelining his film career, much to the discontent in the family and fans. There were several requests and protests from near and dear to reconsider films as a career. At this point, Naresh’s appetite for films started coming back. He even started dreaming about films and shooting. He decided to come back but there were several obstacles.

In the six year gap the whole scenario in the film industry had changed. Most of his directors and producers had faded or retired. He was lost in the same industry he was born and bred in. That apart, he had gained a lot of weight.