Naresh small screen

Failures never deterred his belief in his experimentations. It was at this time he experimented and ventured into the small screen, when it was considered to be a taboo for film stars to appear on small screen.
Programs like countdown on
E tv(first game show on smallscreen)
and his serial
were hits but it brought his stocks down on the big screen.

Though appearing on the small screen was a taboo in the 90’s, he adventured to invade the small screen amongst loud protests from his colleagues. His projects on the small screen include SEETHA RAMULA CINEMA GOLA in 1988(doordharshan) ,SANDHYARAGAMLO SHANKARARAVAM(tele film by jandhyala for doordarshan),POPULA PETTI(by jandhyala for ETV),COUNT DOWN( the first and the most popular game show on telugu television) for ETV.

The super hit comedy AMRUTHAM for GEMINI TV, PULIHORA(comedy for maa tv MUNI MANIKYAMGARI KANTHAM KATHALU for the golden archives of doordarshan which won him a NANDHI AWARD( STATE GOVT AWARD)for the best actor of the year. He won the best actor award for MAHALAKSHMI NIVASAM pairing with RADHIKA FOR GEMINI TV. MAA NAANNA was another production for Gemini.

This versatile actor who has dedicated his life for the cause of good cinema has completed more than130 films in a career spanning 40 years as a child actor, hero, and as a character actor in big and small screens. Known as a rebel with a cause and a social reformer who treats small / big screens and stage on par with each other, firmly sails by his philosophy that ART IS ART. There is no such thing as small art and big art. He also performs on stage when there is an opportunity as reverence to his guru SRI JANDHYALA, who hails from the stage backdrop.